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Paula Ryan

Certified Interior & Exterior Color Consultant
Interior Designer
Project Manager
Stage & Style Specialist
Organization Guru

My love for design blossomed early in life. As an only child, I expressed my creativity by rearranging furniture, painting walls, adding the trendiest wallpapers (yes, those small floral prints were all the rage), and even adorning Barbie's abode countless times This passion for transforming spaces seamlessly transitioned into adulthood, where I eagerly redesigned every apartment and house I called home—of which there were many! However, it was my return to Ohio from North Carolina that truly crystallized my passion: Home Staging.


Drawing from my diverse experiences and a desire to assist others, I founded my first Staging Company, Refreshed Spaces, in 2007. My mission was clear: to aid homeowners in the daunting task of preparing their homes for the market. This involved not only addressing updates and upgrades but also forging relationships with top-tier contractors and suppliers who shared my unwavering commitment to design excellence.


As the years passed, my journey led me to establish ReadyHome Columbus, where I refined a proven multi-phase process to empower sellers And Real Estate Professionals in maximizing their equity return and selling quickly.  While interior design has always been integral to our work, the onset of COVID propelled it into the spotlight. With many clients now working from home, I embraced a "lifestyle approach" to home transformation, integrating Personal Shopping, Organization Solutions, E-Design, and Renovation into my repertoire.  Leveraging my background in Home Staging, I offer a unique advantage over most interior designers—I'm always thinking ahead to future moves and gravitate towards classic, timeless aesthetics.

Paula Ryan, Principal ReadyHome Columbus
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